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A.C.E.S.  Rules


Please remember that the Taverns go to a lot of trouble

and expense to provide you with games and prizes.

Please support the host bar and its wait staff with your purchases of food and drink to ensure that the games continues.


·            Minimum age to play: must be 21 years of age.



·            All players must sign up to play.  See a Tournament Director for sign up sheet.


·            Players will start with 10000 in chips and be awarded 20 points. New players and sponsors will be awarded a 3000 chip up, and an additional 30 points. A new player, will receive 5000 in chips if they lose all of their inital chips before the first break.


·             Birthdays:  For the player's birthday they will receive a 1/2 stack bonus (5000 chips).  ID must be provided for verification).  A player can "celebrate" thier birthday one day in their month.  Birthday cakes will be provided on the 2nd Thursday of every month to celebrate all players with birthdays amonth.


·            Play will begin at the official posted start time. (verify start time to be sure)


·            We ask that you arrive 30 minutes early to sign in so the Tournament Director can start on time.


·            LATE RULE:  After game start, a late player will forfeit 10% (1000) of their starting chips for the 1st  round, 20% (2000) for the 2nd round of blinds, and 50% for the 3nd round of blinds (5000).  After 3rd round player will not be allowed to play. 


·            Standard Texas Holdem Rules apply. (Tournament Directors Association)


·            When a player has lost all of their chips they are out of that game. 


·             The person to the left of the "Dealer" is the "Small Blind."


·            The person two spots to the left of the “Dealer” is the “Big Blind.”


·            You must offer a cut to the player on the right of the dealer.


·            The deal rotates clockwise. DO NOT DEAL AHEAD OR LOOK AT CARDS!!!


·            All Initial bets must be equal to or greater than the big blind. Raises have to be at least double the blind or the bet before it.  Re-raises have to be at least double what the previous raise was.  (The only exception is if a player is 'all in')


·            If a player's all in amount is less than a normal raise, this does not reopen the betting to a player who already has acted. i.e. For those who have already acted, the only action is to call or fold. In other words they can not raise.


·            String Betting/Raising is not allowed. (You cannot reach back for more chips unless you've: declared 'raise', stated the raise amount, or are 'all in') Once chips are placed into the pot they are there for good.  Pay attention to the bets before you. A verbal ‘call’ is binding to whatever bet is out there.


·            Players are required to post the appropriate blind.  If they must leave the table their blind will be posted for them. If a player is not in his/her seat when the cards are dealt, the hand will be mucked.


·            There will be NO CELL PHONE USE while playing.  If you need to use your phone, get up from the table and go use your phone. You cannot play cards and use your phone (texting, talking, watching movies,  OR surfing) at the same time.


·            At any time during the game, if a player leaves the table for one “FULL” round of the of the dealer button, the player is disqualified and chips turned in.


·            As players are removed from the game, players may be moved to a new table to keep the number of players at each table equal.


·            Players moved to a new table must play the first hand they can.  They cannot move into the dealer or small blind position and must “sit out” those hands.  If they are moved into any other position they must be dealt in.


·            All players must leave the table once they have lost all of their chips.  They may not stand around the tables and talk about hands or suggest what a player should or should not do or have done in any hand; this is called "Railbirding" and is not allowed. 


  • “Players” and ”Non-Players” are NOT allowed to discuss hands that are in play. This means that NO ONE is allowed to discuss a hand in play.  
  •   At any time a tournament director may ask you to leave the area/vicinity out of consideration for the players that are still in the game, especially if it is requested by said player(s).  


·            If a player calls an “All In”, the hands will remain face down and betting will continue if more than one of the remaining players still has chips to bet. Players can not show their cards to any other player while there is still action on the table. If a player shows thier cards they are MUCKED.


  •  Mucked (folded or discarded) cards are not to be review at any time. No exceptions. 
  • Any player caught cheating will be banned from the league.


·            If all players in the hand are “All In,” and no more betting can take place, then all hands in play are turned face up with the best hand declared the winner. (The “All In” cannot “Muck” or fold)



·            If two or more players are eliminated, the player who had the most chips prior to the last hand will finish higher than the player with fewer chips.  If players at two different tables go out at the same time they will receive the same amount of points.


·            If requested, you must show BOTH of your cards if a player has "Paid" to see the hand.


·            The game will continue until all players have been eliminated.


·            In "Heads Up" play (2 players left), the dealer is small blind and the other player is big blind.



·             Bracelet can NOT be given away or won on a forfeit... It must be played out.



·            Chips and cards must remain on or above the table at all times.


·            If mucked cards touch another players hand that is not protected (ie. does not have a card cover on it), then that hand is also mucked.


·            Rabbit Hunting is not allowed. Once a hand is over, the dealer or the next person to shuffle should collect the cards. 


·            At no time while playing in an A.C.E.S. sanctioned event may there be any money on the table or money “side bets” placed. No Exceptions.  There shouldn't be any talking about playing for money!  This is a free game.


·            Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Profanity / Disruptive behavior is strongly discouraged and can result in a penalty or if severe enough, up to a lifetime suspension from the league.


·        Bad sportsmanship, (insults and name-calling), Bad conduct (being argumentative or carrying a conflict from one table to the next) or the inability (intoxicated) to keep the pace of the game, are unacceptable and can result in a penalty or if severe enough, up to a 2 week suspension or TOTAL Dismissal from the league.